10 most popular Disney-inspired baby names, including Jasmine, Rex and Belle

THEY say it’s every little girl’s fantasy to one day grow up to become a Disney princess.

But while most of us had to find out the heard way that not all dreams become a reality (*sobs*), it turns out that over one MILLION Brits are living with magical, Disney-inspired names.

Jasmine is the most popular Disney-inspired name in the UK, according to this new study

A study by travel company Florida4Less has revealed the UK’s top 10 Disney-inspired names – and it includes our old favourites Jasmine, Jessie and Ariel.

From old classics like The Lion King to new favourites such as Frozen, the study found that 18 to 34-year-olds were the most likely age group to name their child after a Disney character – with three in 10 likely to be hardcore fans.

Overall, the most popular name is Jasmine from the 1992 animated movie Aladdin.

This was closely followed everybody’s favourite nervous wreck of a dinosaur Rex from Toy Story and bookworm Belle from Beauty And The Beast.

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Belle was the second most popular girls Disney-inspired name after Jasmine[/caption]

What’s more, the study also found the names in classics like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story have gone through the roof in the past 10 years… although we still don’t think we’ll be meeting many Quasimodos in the future.

But despite the surge in popularity, 16 per cent of UK adults insisted that they wouldn’t name their child after a Disney character – despite thinking it was a “nice idea”.

Top 10 Most Popular Disney-inspired Names

The name Rex saw a 767 per cent rise in popularity between 2007 and 2017 while Belle, Esmerelda, Minnie and Ariel have all risen by over 100 per cent.

  1. Jasmine – Aladdin
  2. Rex – Toy Story
  3. Belle – Beauty And The Beast
  4. Jessie – Toy Story 2
  5. Minnie -Steamboat Willie
  6. Tiana – Princess and the Frog
  7. Elsa – Frozen
  8. Woody – Toy Story
  9. Ariel – The Little Mermaid
  10. Nala – The Lion King

Florida4Less director Martin Berens said: “Many of us can share the story behind our name and it’s fascinating to learn that so many from the UK were named after a character in their parents’ favourite Disney film.

“But while more than a quarter (26 percent) say they’d consider naming their child after a character from a film, book or TV show, including Disney, three in ten told us they think too many non-traditional names are being given to children. It’ll be interesting to see how attitudes change in the future.”

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10 most popular Disney-inspired baby names, including Jasmine, Rex and Belle