28-year-old dad suffers stroke from popping his neck

A 28-year-old Oklahoma man suffered a stroke because he popped his neck.

Josh Hader of Guthrie was rushed to the emergency room after he tore an artery leading to his brain while attempting to loosen a crick in his neck, he told TV station KOCO.

The tear, which Mercy Hospital’s Dr. Vince McCollom said could have killed Hader, was repaired with surgery.

Hader is still suffering the effects, though: He had blurry vision and needed a walker for a few days, and even now says his left leg is weak. Then there were the 10 straight days of hiccups so painful he almost had a panic attack.

Hader, who works for the data storage company Dell EMC, is married with two young children. Before he went into surgery, he asked hospital employees to tell his wife he was sorry he had ignored her warnings about popping his neck.

McCollom advises that neck-popping be done, if necessary, by tilting your head straight to the side.  It’s the twisting, he said, that can tear blood vessels.


Source: mercurynews
28-year-old dad suffers stroke from popping his neck