Breastfeeding mum left in shock after neighbour who is unable to breastfeed demands she donate her milk

A NEW mum has revealed how her neighbour demanded she donate her breast milk after being “heartbroken” that she was unable to breastfeed herself.

Writing into Slate’s Dear Prudence advice column, the mum explained she started talking to Tara* after the pair realised they were both pregnant at the same time.

One mum revealed she was shocked when her neighbour demanded breast milk
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However, shortly after both of their babies had arrived, the mum revealed she had bumped into her neighbour, and casually asked how things were going with the newborn.

“She burst into tears and told me that she didn’t think she would be able to breastfeed,” the mum revealed.

“She sounded so heartbroken about not nursing (with comments like ‘my baby is unlucky to have me for a mother’) that I offered to give her a few of my stored bags of breast milk to at least ease her mind.”

The mum went on to reveal that Tara agreed and the following day, she dropped off four bags of milk.

The mum explained she started chatting to Tara when they both realised they were pregnant at the same time
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But the next morning, the mum was shocked to find “dozens” of text messages from Tara, asking to set up a schedule to drop off more milk.

“The texts made it clear that she expected me to provide her with enough breast milk to feed her daughter exclusively,” she explained.

“If I said I didn’t think I could produce enough milk for two babies, she replied that mothers of twins do it all the time.

“If I said I didn’t want to spend any more time pumping or nursing, she said I could pump on one breast while feeding my son on the other.”

The mum explained she had dropped four bags of milk off – but the neighbour demanded more
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The mum went on to explain that when she didn’t agree to Tara’s demands, she began sending pictures of her crying daughter.

“Faye is so sad that her bottle has yucky formula! She misses her yummy breast milk!” The captions read.

Explaining Tara wouldn’t stop texting, Daniel Mallory Ortberg responded to the letter with some straightforward advice.

“So this is… absolutely beyond out of line, and before you block her number, you need to make it clear with Tara just how unwelcome her behaviour is… Tell her to never text you again, then block her number.

“If she tries to make you feel guilty when she sees you in person, decline to feel guilty.

“Her baby is fine (formulawise, at least); you are not actually hurting her in any way, and she has lost the right to engage you in neighbourly conversation.”

What would you do?

*Names changed.

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Breastfeeding mum left in shock after neighbour who is unable to breastfeed demands she donate her milk