Coronavirus: San Mateo County reports 38 new cases in two days

San Mateo County on Sunday reported another large increase in the number of new coronavirus cases with 38 positive tests, bringing the total to 277.

Health officials two days ago reported the county’s sixth death from the respiratory illness and its largest increase yet in the number of new coronavirus cases reported in a day.

With about 82 new cases in the past three days, San Mateo County is experiencing what health officials have warned about: a skyrocketing in the number of cases as testing becomes more widely available. Cases in the county have more than doubled since the start of last week.

Earlier this week county health officer Scott Morrow offered a dire warning of the impending increase in cases after residents refused to heed the state’s stay-at-home orders over the weekend.

“If you decide you want to do your own thing and follow your own rules, you disrespect us all. You spit in our face, and you will contribute to the death toll that will follow,” Morrow wrote on the county’s health website Monday. “For those of you who say: ‘nobody tells me what to do,’ now is a time to make an exception. You can go back to being ornery in the future. … We are in a grave crisis.”

Large crowds at many of the county’s parks forced county officials to close all 23 parks it operates in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

As of Saturday, the California Department of Public Health says there are 4,643 confirmed cases in the state, 101 people have died — including one non-California resident.

Officials said there about 89,600 tests had been conducted as of 2 p.m. on March 27; at least 25,192 results have been received and another 64,400 are pending.

Source: mercurynews
Coronavirus: San Mateo County reports 38 new cases in two days