Eating red meat just 3 times a week ‘increases risk of dying in the next 8 years’

EATING more tuna, salmon and chicken instead of red meat could cut the risk of an early death by 17 per cent, a major 16-year study in the US claims.

Eating too much beef, pork and lamb has previously been linked to diabetes, heart disease and several cancers.

Eating too much red meat has been linked to heart disease
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Now US research in medical journal the BMJ shows upping intake by 3½ portions a week raises the chance of early death by up to 13 per cent.

But those who ditched their daily red meat in favour of tuna or salmon saw their risk of dying young fall by a sixth.

And switching away from beef, lamb and pork and opting for chicken or veg instead cut mortality by ten per cent.

Harvard scientists followed more than 81,000 adults for 16 years.

Surge in lab meat

MOST of the meat we eat by 2040 will not come from slaughtered animals, experts predict.

About a third of beef, chicken and pork will be lab-grown in vats.

And a quarter will be from plant-based products that taste like meat.

The switch will cut down on what many say is the unnecessary evil of slaughtering animals, says a report by global consultancy AT Kearney.

Partner Carsten Gerhardt said: “Meat lovers will still get to enjoy the same diet they always have but without the same environmental and animal cost attached.”


Frank Hu, professor of nutrition at the university, said a Mediterranean-style diet was important to “improve both human health and environmental sustainability”.

But the British Meat Processors Association said there was “no consistent evidence that any one food, including red meat, leads to an increased risk of death”.

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Eating red meat just 3 times a week ‘increases risk of dying in the next 8 years’