How to train your child to use the potty

Wait till they’re ready, read a book about it with them, use distractions, and take the potty with you when you go out

Watch for key signs of readiness: longer periods of drier nappies, the child wanting their soiled nappies changed more frequently, and other signs of independence such as wanting to choose their clothes. Try asking simple questions about wanting to use the toilet.

Let them choose their own potty or toilet-training seat and pants. About a week before you start, read a potty-training picture book together and let them know what is about to happen. Using pull-up nappies during the day could give them mixed messages; pants are a different material and they can feel it if they have an accident. Take off their night-time nappy in their bedroom so it is associated with sleep (start night training once they are potty-trained for at least a month and have dry nappies for a week or two overnight).

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Source: theguardian
How to train your child to use the potty