I wax my nine-year-old daughter’s eyebrows and highlight her ‘dirty blonde’ hair so she’ll win beauty pageants

A MUM has revealed she waxes her nine-year-old daughter’s eyebrows and highlights her hair in a bid to win her favour with beauty pageant judges.

Appearing on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras, Jamie insists that her daughter Chloe will “take a little bit of pain all day long” if it means winning a better title.


Pageant mum Jamie says her daughter can be overlooked ‘if it comes down to facial beauty alone’[/caption]

Despite her daughter already winning over £15,500 in beauty pageant prize money, Jamie said: “If it came down to facial beauty alone, she doesn’t have that particular look that a lot of judges are looking for.

“She does have brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, it doesn’t stand out like a beautiful redhead or a blonde hair, blue eyed child.”

In order to better her chances of winning yet another beauty pageant crown, Jamie takes nine-year-old Chloe to the salon to have her hair highlighted and brows sculpted before her next competition.

Justifying her decision to highlight her daughter’s “dirty blonde” hair, Jamie said: “It just allows for us to win… and who doesn’t like to win?”


Jamie believes her daughter’s ‘dirty blonde’ hair could be overshadowed by a ‘beautiful redhead’[/caption]


The pageant mum says the  beauty routine simply ‘allows for us to win’[/caption]

But while Chloe is all too happy being pampered at the hair salon, the beauty pageant star admits she wasn’t looking forward to “the eyebrows part” of her afternoon.

Reclining in a chair with her newly-highlighted hair pushed out of her face, Chloe is filmed grimacing as the technician applies wax to her naturally blonde brows.

Before she begins working on Chloe’s fair hair, even the eyebrow waxer admits that the girl “is a little bit nervous.”


The technician said Chloe seemed ‘nervous’ before having her brows waxed[/caption]


The nine-year-old had her brows waxed to supposedly improve her chances of winning an upcoming beauty pageant[/caption]

However Jamie stands over Chloe the entire time, telling her daughter to keep quiet and “close your eyes and mouth” while the technician works.

Adding a bit of shape to Chloe’s fair eyebrows, the nine-year-old beauty queen is stifles a cry as the wax strip is ripped off her face time and time again.

Jamie stands over her daughter throughout the appointment


Despite the pain, Chloe said her brows were ‘pretty at the end’[/caption]


The little girl showed off her highlights and sculpted brows on stage[/caption]

The pageant mum added: “A little bit of pain to win a better title? She’ll take it all day long.”

Despite finding the appointment painful, the beauty pageant admits it was all worth it because “it was pretty at the end.”

Hoping the extensive beauty regime has put her daughter in a strong position for the pageant, Jamie said: “When Chloe is on stage, you can’t control what she’s going to do on stage or the judge’s opinion so all you can do is hope for the best.”

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Source: thesun
I wax my nine-year-old daughter’s eyebrows and highlight her ‘dirty blonde’ hair so she’ll win beauty pageants