Letter: Crockett students, communities near refineries aren’t amused

What disaster will make
us pick life, not industry?

On Oct. 22, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors received a briefing on the NuStar petrochemical tank explosion and fire.

Ironically, at this meeting, the Board of Supervisors proclaimed Nov. 6, 2019, as Contra Costa County Shelter-in-Place Education Day.

The children at Crockett schools and the front-line communities along the refinery corridor would not be amused. Petrochemical industries are so inherently dangerous that the risk to health and safety can never be adequately mitigated by education or safety regulations.

There was an earthquake the night before the tank fire. The wildfire by the Carquinez Bridge and the possible spread to tank farms or to refineries illuminated this again.

What level of catastrophe is needed before we choose people over industry? We no longer need climate-killing fossil fuels. We should work with unions toward re-employment of refinery workers in sustainable jobs. The transition to renewable green energy is possible, and urgent.

Jackie Garcia


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Source: mercurynews
Letter: Crockett students, communities near refineries aren’t amused