Letter: If Biden’s not better than Trump, buy a burial plot

Your April 28 editorial column titled “Clendaniel: COVID-19 forcing U.S. to re-think national security” (Mercurynews.com) is quite right. America does need to re-think national security.

It should not have taken this pandemic to spur the investment of far more money in forestalling viral outbreaks; they have been killing humans throughout recorded history. Indeed, many scientists are now calling the virus that causes COVID-19 “SARS-Cov-2.”

SARS came from horseshoe bats via a virus experiment lab in China in 2002.

The current virus is killing 6.4% of those infected worldwide (nationwide there have been about 1 million cases and 63,000 deaths). Most of the deaths are excruciating.

Without more testing, we cannot know how bad it could get — 300 million cases might lead to 15 million breathtakingly horrible deaths. And there are thousands of viruses in animals that could kill humans — perhaps with even more efficiency.

If Joe Biden is not better prepared than has been Donald Trump, buy yourself a burial plot while you still can.

Gary Wesley
Mountain View

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Source: mercurynews
Letter: If Biden’s not better than Trump, buy a burial plot