Letter: New Year’s resolution: Embrace plant-based food options

Plant-based food options
continue to mushroom

Christmas is over; time for New Year’s resolutions: reduce social media, reduce weight and reduce animal-based food consumption.

One-third of consumers report reducing consumption of animal foods. School, college, hospital and corporate cafeterias embrace Meatless Monday. Fast-food chains Chipotle, Denny’s, Panera, Subway and Taco Bell offer plant-based options. Meat industry giants Tyson Foods, Cargill and Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods have invested heavily in plant-based meat development, as have Microsoft, Google, Twitter and PayPal pioneers. Startups, led by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are creating healthy, eco-friendly, compassionate, convenient, delicious plant-based options.

The plant-based resolution requires no sweat or deprivation — just some fun exploration of your favorite supermarket and food websites.

Jeff Garner
Walnut Creek


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Source: mercurynews
Letter: New Year’s resolution: Embrace plant-based food options