Letter: We need reassurance; Trump provides none

We need reassurance;
Trump provides none

Presidential leadership when the economy is doing well and most things are just humming along is relatively easy, and our president has been taking credit for it all.

Now that the economy is in crisis and life is somewhat chaotic, we as citizens have hoped to see real leadership coming from the White House. Well, folks, no surprise, our president has faced this crisis as he has so far run this country — by relying on only his gut instinct, which is vastly uninformed.

He dominates the daily briefing droning on and on with nonsense and misinformation while we the public need to hear primarily from people who know what they are talking about, people of science, people of medicine.

From the president, we need reassurance, and he provides none. He appears to be incapable of any form of sincere empathy.

Mary Kalsbeek Suite

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Source: mercurynews
Letter: We need reassurance; Trump provides none