Low testosterone needn’t spell misery | Brief letters

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As a GP I read your article about testosterone replacement therapy with interest (‘My energy and drive are back’, G2, 9 September). I was disappointed it did not mention the 2016 review that concluded that testosterone supplementation for “low-T” is not supported by evidence. It is not due to lack of awareness that I rarely prescribe testosterone for “low-T”, but lack of evidence. I am sure that is also true of many of my colleagues.
Dr Alan Petrie

• I know someone who has had his testosterone blocked to stop the progression of prostate cancer. He is fairly happy; he is still alive, can read, listen to music and has climbed many hills since. I hope men without testosterone won’t feel they have to succumb to misery. Brexit worries him far more.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

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Source: theguardian
Low testosterone needn’t spell misery | Brief letters