Me and my two kids haven’t washed our hair for a YEAR – and our locks are less dry, knotty and oily

IF YOU’RE a parent, you’ve probably wondered if there’s something you could cut out of your routine to make your life a little easier.

Now one mum has revealed that she’s stopped washing both her and her children’s hair – and she’s “never been happier”.

Virginia Tapscott hasn’t washed her hair for over a year

Virginia Tapscott – from New South Wales, Australia – has embraced the “no poo” movement, which involves ditching shampoo and washing your locks with either water or natural products.

The mum-of-two explains to FEMAIL that she and her two kids have just finished their first year shampoo-free.

She’s also given up conditioner, artificial hair dyes and hair cuts.

The 28-year-old is thrilled with the results, explaining: “My hair is different now. It has more body and is less dry and brittle. The natural oils actually make it easier to brush.”

The mum-of-two no longer uses shampoo on her children’s locks
She says her daughter’s hair ‘looks just like any other one-year-old’s’
She decided to ditch hair products after becoming worried about ‘weird ingredients’

Virginia made the decision to forgo shampoo after becoming worried about “weird ingredients”.

Pregnant at the time, she says she felt “repeated exposure to chemicals” was “adding unnecessary toxic burden”.

She also became “concerned” with the amount of waste her family was contributing to landfill, so decided to take a “more minimal approach” to their consumption of products.

Virginia now washes her hair with water, and does occasional scrubs with bicarbonate of soda.

If it looks oily, she sprinkles tapioca powder on the roots and brushes it through.

Virginia washes her hair with water, and occasionally scrubs it with bicarbonate of soda
She says people are ‘constantly pointing out how beautiful’ her son’s curls are

She says: “If anything, I actually get less knots now. My hair is neither oily nor dry. It doesn’t smell like Palmolive, but it doesn’t smell like sour milk either. It just smells like hair.”

Virginia – who’s mum to son Oscar and daughter Elke – adds: “My daughter’s hair has never seen shampoo so is pretty well unaffected and looks just like any other one-year-old’s hair.”

Oscar has been product-free for 12 months, and according to Virginia, people are “constantly pointing out how beautiful his curls are”.

The 28-year-old reckons her hair is less knotty

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Me and my two kids haven’t washed our hair for a YEAR – and our locks are less dry, knotty and oily