Mother of the bride blasted by her angry daughter after buying a white floral dress to wear to the wedding

A WOMAN has hit out at her mother after she planned on wearing a floor-length white floral dress to her wedding.

The bride-to-be said she faced a “dilemma” as she wasn’t sure if her mum’s dress was too bridal, and would overshadow her lacy gown.

People overwhelmingly thought this dress was too bridal

The one golden rule at a wedding is don’t wear white, yet people still try and get away with variations of the colour.

Taking to Reddit, the bride-to-be wrote: “Mother of the Bride outfit dilemma.

“MoB wants to wear it to my wedding, but I don’t know if it is too bridal.

“I’m really trying to be pretty laid back about my wedding, so I’m trying to see if there is any way this does not look too white or bridal.”

There’s one rule at a wedding – don’t wear white

She shared a photo of the outfit, which has a sleeveless peplum top, a full skirt with taffeta layer, as well as a delicate grey and pink floral design.

Weighing in on the dress, numerous people thought it was far too bridal to wear to a wedding.

And one bride even revealed she planned on wearing the exact same outfit to her reception.

Stats from The Money Advice Service revealed the average cost of a wedding dress was £1,385.

Published last year, figures also showed the average cost of a wedding is £27,161.

Some women even admitted they considered it for their weddings

One person said: “That would be too bridal for me. It’s a mixture of the volume of white and the taffeta layer which takes it into the bridal territory.”

Another wrote: “It’s a very white, formal dress. I can see a low-key bride definitely wearing this to a courthouse ceremony.

“You may be fine with it, but a lot of your other guests would probably side-eye, form opinions or gossip without knowing you gave the okay.

The bride-to-be was worried when her mum picked out this dress

“I just don’t see any good coming from wearing white to a wedding for anyone.”

A third added: “I could imagine some brides wearing something like this, so to me it is too bridal.

“It’s mostly white with just a few coloured areas, plus the layers of material in the skirt give it quite a formal and bridal effect.”

This woman revealed: “I’d say too bridal. I’m wearing that skirt to my bridal shower!”

Agreeing, this bride-to-be added: “I actually saw this in the store and thought to myself that it would make a great second wedding dress.”

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Mother of the bride blasted by her angry daughter after buying a white floral dress to wear to the wedding