Mum fears she won’t love her second child as much as her first – and parents are praising her honesty

FOR many women, pregnancy can be an anxious time.

Now one Brit blogger has admitted to worrying about whether she’d be able to love her second daughter as much as her first.

Louise Pentland is mum to daughters Darcy and Pearl

Louise Pentland – also known as SprinkleOfGlitter – is mum to Darcy, seven, and 11-month-old Pearl.

Ahead of Pearl’s first birthday next week, the 33-year-old took to Instagram to open up about the stresses she felt in the days leading up to her arrival.

Louise wrote: “I’m thinking a lot about this time last year at the moment. Pearl was due Jan 1st so every day was potentially my last as the ‘Mummy & Darcy Team’.

“I was really anxious that I wouldn’t be able to love Pearl the same way I love Darcy, who feels just so so special to me.”

She continued: “I didn’t want to talk about that much because I felt pregnant women were supposed to instantly gush with love for their growing babe and I was still fearful. Anyone else felt that?

“Pearl was cosy in there and didn’t pop out until the 14th and mine and Darcy’s team got a brand new member.

“Thankfully, a mother’s heart is pretty cool because it doesn’t half with a new child but doubles instead.

“Essentially, and I hope you don’t mind the bluntness here – it’s OK to be scared s***less that you might be a crap mum, your heart will surprise you.”

Louise’s honest posts have helped her rack up 2.4m followers on Instagram
When she gave birth to Pearl, Louise says her heart ‘doubled’

Louise’s followers praised her for being so open, with comments including: “Such an important sentiment to share!” and: “You’re doing a fantastic job and it’s great you’ve had the courage to speak about it.”

The post also led others to speak about similar feelings they’d experienced.

One mother wrote: “I hated my pregnancy, I felt no bond with my baby and I was terrified to say it out loud.

Mums have praised Louise, and admitted that they’ve had similar feelings
She’s now enjoying life as a mother of two

“I was unbelievably grateful to be pregnant, she was a baby we’d spent so long trying for, but the second she was placed on my chest my world completely changed, in that moment I have never loved anything/anyone anymore.”

Another said: “Felt the same way while pregnant with my second!

“It’s terrible how guilty we feel because of it, I do wish people talked about it more… maybe we wouldn’t have struggled so much if they would’ve!”

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Mum fears she won’t love her second child as much as her first – and parents are praising her honesty