Mum-of-seven sparks outrage by claiming her kids have NEVER had a tantrum

A MUM-OF-SEVEN shocked today’s This Morning viewers by claiming that her children have never had a tantrum.

Gemma Rawnsley was on the show to analyse footage of a father dragging his daughter through an airport by her hood – and her opinions certainly got people talking.

Mum-of-seven Gemma Rawnsley appeared on today’s This Morning
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Gemma – who appeared on Channel 4 documentary Feral Families in 2017 – debated the subject with Vanessa Feltz.

Vanessa said she felt it was probably a game or some kind of enjoyable moment between father and daughter.

But Gemma accused the man of having “no relationship” with his child – and even suggested that the move could have been “abusive”.

She then said none of her children had ever had a tantrum in a supermarket or talked back to her.

Gemma was on the show to debate a video of a father and his daughter with Vanessa Feltz
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Gemma said: “I can honestly say in 14-and-a-half years of raising children – and I have seven children – I’ve never once had an incident… let’s just stop assuming she was fine with it.

“We don’t need to vilify but what we can do is have a conversation about… why are we always assuming that children are such a burden and so difficult to care for.

“I see a breakdown of relationship there.

“I’ve never once had any one of my children answer back to me or an incident where they’ve thrown a tantrum in a supermarket.

Gemma and her seven children appeared on Channel 4 documentary Feral Families in 2017
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“I’ve based my ethos of parenting on relationship, mutual respect, conversation, and as a result we have a friendship.

“And honestly, I would pick my child up and I would carry them in a tender, loving way.”

Gemma later said that she didn’t believe the father was “abusive”, but added that you could never be certain as talk of what happened before the video is purely “assumption”.

The pair were joined by hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby
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Gemma’s comments sparked outrage among some viewers, with one tweeting: “How to become completely unrelatable to other parents! No one has children that don’t refuse or tantrum!”

Another said: “No matter how good your children are it happens. Kids are kids,”

And a third added: “Aren’t we the perfect mummy. Never had a tantrum with her kids. Now she’s used the abuse word. Be careful, lady.”

Do you think there are children out there who’ve never had a tantrum?

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Mum-of-seven sparks outrage by claiming her kids have NEVER had a tantrum