Mum shamed by two old ladies who told her she should be breastfeeding ‘behind closed doors’ while feeding baby in park

BREASTFEEDING is one of the most natural thing in the world, and when a baby needs feeding, they need feeding.

Unfortunately for a lot of mothers they become subject to a lot of raised eyebrows, sly comments and judgemental looks when they decide to feed their babies in public.

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Kate gives a candid look into the problems that brestfeeding mothers face every day[/caption]

Kate Quilton is a 34-year-old journalist and a new mother to a baby boy – and reveals she’s been insulted while breastfeeding in the park.

As part of her documentary on Channel 4, Breastfeeding Uncovered she revealed how mothers just like her are shamed on a daily basis for their decision to breastfeed.

On the show, which aired last night, Kate talks about how she was made to feel like a”social outcast and a leper” by those who witnessed her feeding her two-month-old son.

Quilton said she was surprised that this judgement happened to her, and talks of her amazement to hear two old ladies muttering about her.


Journalist Kate Quilton has been subject to some public abuse over her choice to breastfeed[/caption]

“Not in my day”, one exclaimed, and another told her she should be feeding “behind closed doors”.

The comments understandably aggravate Kate, and speaking of those comments she said: “Would you want to eat your lunch in the loo?”

The UK is in the top ten countries with the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, according to figures collected by Unicef.

Also, 40 per cent of women stop breastfeeding after six weeks due to them feeling judged, or out of fear of being judged, research from 2016 found.

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Quilton’s documentary highlights the worrying lack of understanding regarding the benefits of breast milk[/caption]

Dispatches: Breastfeeding Uncovered is available on demand on 4od.

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Mum shamed by two old ladies who told her she should be breastfeeding ‘behind closed doors’ while feeding baby in park