Mum uses £1.50 Gillette shaving cream to get rid of pee stains after her sons use the loo

OUT all the household chores we always find ourselves putting off as long as physically possible, cleaning the toilet somehow always tops the list.

However, one mum has shared her genius tip for getting rid of unsightly urine stains WITHOUT scrubbing the toilet bowl silly – and it tackles unpleasant smells too.

The mum posted this picture of her loo covered in shaving foam and joked it was the ‘best a toilet could get’

Earlier this year, cleaning mad-mums raved about how well shaving cream worked at making their toilets looking sparkling new again.

Inspired by this unusual cleaning hack, the Scottish mum decided to give it a go for herself and smeared Gillette’s £1.50 sensitive skin shaving gel around her toilet and floor.

The mum wrote on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips: “Shaving foam is meant to get rid of the smell of pee and I have two young boys who think nothing of turning around mid-flow because they simply can’t wait to get back to what they are doing.”

Sharing a picture of her toilet covered in shaving foam, the mum joked: “If this works, I’ll be stocking up with cupboards full of the stuff. Can’t wait for the day I don’t have to wipe the seat before I sit down.”

The mum used this £1.50 shaving cream to remove smells and stains around her toilet
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Although it might sound bonkers, traditional shaving cream is usually just pre-lathered soap with a slightly higher potassium hydroxide content which means it tends to be more water-soluable and ideal for cleaning.

Much to the mum’s delight, the shaving cream worked a treat and the woman claims it got rid of the smell entirely after she rinsed the toilet and floor with water.

“I don’t know if it’s just psychological or not but I left the house for a few hours, came back and straight upstairs to have a sniff and it seems to have worked,” the mum continued. “This has 100% worked. Not a whiff of pee this morning!”

However that might have something to do with the face the mum then joked about threatening to clean the toilet with her son’s toothbrushes if they missed the toilet again. Genius.

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Mum uses £1.50 Gillette shaving cream to get rid of pee stains after her sons use the loo