My best friend disowned me when I breastfed HER son while babysitting – but I didn’t have a choice

A MUM has revealed her best friend completely cut her off after she breastfed her son, who is on formula.

The mum-of-two revealed her best friend of ten years had her first baby a few weeks ago, and she’d had her second baby a fortnight later.

The mum claims her friend disowned her after she breastfed her baby
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The mum, who also has a seven-year-old, says her friend was struggling to adjust to life as a new mum, so she offered to look after her baby for a few hours.

She wrote on Reddit: “She brought him over and we put the babies together.

“Her son has a really bad digestion problem so he can’t ingest regular formula, only breastmilk or special formula.

“She doesn’t breastfeed so he takes the special formula.

The woman explained her friend has forgotten to pack his formula

“I asked her if she had packed diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and bottles in his diaper bag and she said yes. Then she left.”

She said the first few hours were fine, as the babies just “chilled out together” while she looked after them.

Soon her baby needed a feed, so she breastfed him.

Then her best friend’s baby got hungry, but to her horror she realised while her friend had packed bottles, she’d forgotten his special formula.

She said she tried calling her friend multiple times, but it went to voicemail, so she texted her.

Despite seeing she’d read the message, her friend didn’t reply.

So I sat down and breastfed him myself


Panicking, the mum desperately tried calling friends for help, as she wasn’t able to go to the shop as her friend hadn’t left her a car seat.

She explained her situation, saying: “We’re a small town, we don’t have Uber, hell, Dominos Pizza doesn’t even deliver out here. I don’t know my neighbors.

“We’re farm country. The nearest neighbor is a mile up the road. Even my husband couldn’t leave work.”

In the end, she decided the only option was to breastfeed him.

She said: “At this point the baby was crying and screaming so hard I thought he might get sick or hurt. So I sat down and breastfed him myself.”

But when she told her friend what she’d been forced to do, she flipped out.

People have claimed the baby could have starved otherwise

She said: “Best Friend finally returned three and a half hours later.

“I remained calm but told her that she can’t leave her child with someone and not answer when that person calls and texts because it might actually be a serious emergency; and that she also hadn’t packed any of the baby’s special formula.

“I told her how badly he got upset and how worried I was so I breastfed him myself.

“She freaked out on me and accused me of some horrible things and then left.

“She blocked me on social media, something I learned when a mutual friend told me Best Friend was saying some awful things about me online.”

Her post has racked up more than a thousand comments, with people claiming her friend should be grateful she fed her baby, adding it would have been dangerous to leave him hungry.

Boob milk or infant death?


One person said: “Her child could have been hurt or dying and she IGNORED YOU. She doesn’t need a baby. She needs a therapist.”

Someone else wrote: “Boob milk or infant death? Hmm… This is… A tough one isn’t it?

“Gosh I just have NO idea what I would do. Should I let a good friend feed my baby or let him starve maybe to death?! Why is it so hard to choose?!”

A third wrote: “You can take care of her baby better than her.”

While this mum said: “I have a baby right now who’s exclusively formula-feed, and I would be weirded the f*** out if you breastfed her, but if it was because I had forgotten to pack formula then I would just be glad you fed her.”

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My best friend disowned me when I breastfed HER son while babysitting – but I didn’t have a choice