My boyfriend drinks too much and gets angry

His problems are not your responsibility – don’t think you can save him, says Annalisa Barbieri

I’m an 18-year-old girl about to start my final exams at school. I feel as if my life is going remarkably well; I’m happy, I’m getting along well with my parents, I have great friends, and except for the stress of impending exams, I’m doing well at school. However, my boyfriend of just under a year causes me quite a bit of worry, related specifically to his drinking.

About four months ago he got into a row in a pub and we had to drag him away. He got very angry with me and my girlfriends when we tried to help. This was particularly scary, as I wasn’t sure whether his anger could turn physical. Thankfully it didn’t. The following morning, he couldn’t remember what had happened but when I told him he apologised profusely and was in tears for having upset me.

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Source: theguardian
My boyfriend drinks too much and gets angry