My partner has given up on s*x with me now I am post-menopause

Vaginal dryness, coupled with other physical problems, means we have stopped trying, but the issue is causing me great anxiety

My significant other has given up on having s*x with me. I am post-menopause and we use lubricant, but he says it doesn’t work. I am a widow, but was married for 24 years and I never had any problems during my marriage. In addition to dryness, my partner says he meets resistance, stopping him penetrating me. His physical discomfort has caused him to give up on trying. It makes me feel very inadequate, and insecure that he may “go somewhere else” to be satisfied, as he says he loves s*x more than anything. I am a very s****l woman, but I feel helpless. We have a toy, but I want to make love with him more than anything in the world. Please help.

The only things you need in order to achieve satisfying lovemaking are creativity, openness and willingness to experiment. There are many possible positions for coitus, and at least one of them will work for you. For example, try straddling him with your head facing his feet. You are already being creative by using toys, but try to be open about oral and manual stimulation, erotic role-playing and the many other exciting styles of eroticism that can ensure s*x is far from boring.

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Source: theguardian
My partner has given up on s*x with me now I am post-menopause