Tracking Knowledge Evolution in Cloud Health Care Research: Knowledge Map and Common Word Analysis

Background: With the continuous development of the internet and the
explosive growth in data, big data technology has emerged. With its
ongoing development and application, cloud computing technology
provides better data storage and analysis. The development of cloud
health care provides a more convenient and effective solution for
health. Studying the evolution of knowledge and research hotspots
in the field of cloud health care is increasingly important for
medical informatics. Scholars in the medical informatics community
need to understand the extent of the evolution of and possible
trends in cloud health care research to inform their future
research. Objective: Drawing on the cloud health care literature,
this study aimed to describe the development and evolution of
research themes in cloud health care through a knowledge map and
common word analysis. Methods: A total of 2878 articles about cloud
health care was retrieved from the Web of Science database. We used
cybermetrics to analyze and visualize the keywords in these
articles. We created a knowledge map to show the evolution of cloud
health care research. We used co-word analysis to identify the
hotspots and their evolution in cloud health care research.
Results: The evolution and development of cloud health care
services are described. In 2007-2009 (Phase I), most scholars used
cloud computing in the medical field mainly to reduce costs, and
grid computing and cloud computing were the primary technologies.
In 2010-2012 (Phase II), the security of cloud systems became of
interest to scholars. In 2013-2015 (Phase III), medical
informatization enabled big data for health services. In 2016-2017
(Phase IV), machine learning and mobile technologies were
introduced to the medical field. Conclusions: Cloud health care
research has been rapidly developing worldwide, and technologies
used in cloud health research are simultaneously diverging and
becoming smarter. Cloud–based mobile health, cloud–based smart
health, and the security of cloud health data and systems are three
possible trends in the future development of the cloud health care

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Tracking Knowledge Evolution in Cloud Health Care Research: Knowledge Map and Common Word Analysis