Woman wants to call her daughter ‘Lois Clark’ but worries it’s ‘too Superman’

WHEN choosing a baby name, most people are careful to avoid anything that reminds them of an ex-boyfriend or school bully.

But when one woman revealed her potential pick on Mumsnet this week, she revealed that it’s a much-loved superhero that’s putting her off.

One mum isn’t sure whether her daughter will appreciate her potential name
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The mum-to-be explained that she and her husband are keen on the name Lois.

But as their surname is Clark, she’s worried that people will associate their little one with Superman and his partner Lois Lane.

As you’ll know, Superman’s civilian name is Clark Kent.

The woman wrote: “Love the name Lois for a girl and [husband] does too but I am a little dubious as surname would be Clark. Too ‘Superman-y’?”

The woman revealed her concerns on Mumsnet

Luckily for the woman, most Mumsnet users couldn’t see a problem with the moniker.

One wrote: “It’s totally fine, they are both normal quite common names so I don’t see an issue at all. I really like Lois.”

Another commented: “Clark is such a common surname people won’t think twice about it. I love Lois – so refreshing and pretty!”

The name would be a mix of Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s monikers

Some admitted that the name did remind them of Superman, but they didn’t think it should put her off altogether.

One message read: “Lois would make me think of Superman whatever the surname, maybe because I don’t know any others called Lois. It’s a nice name.”

Another messaged: “I think Lois is a lovely name but with your surname you will probably get people making that connection with Superman.

“If it’s likely to annoy you I would probably say pick another name. Or you could hyphenate it so there’s always a buffer between the two, something like Lois-Jane?”

At least she isn’t considering Lex Luthor, eh?

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Woman wants to call her daughter ‘Lois Clark’ but worries it’s ‘too Superman’