Coping during COVID-19: Lessons to be learned test whether we’ll thrive

We asked readers to tell us how they’re coping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we bring you some of the responses. We will publish more in the days ahead.

I am 67 years old, already retired and living alone with my dog. Doing this lifestyle is like retirement on steroids. I miss my volunteer activities tutoring and mentoring in the local public schools.

And I feel so bad for the many local businesses who have not been able to stay open during this time, and for their employees who are now unemployed. My two sons are still employed: one as a microbiologist doing COVID-19 testing and the other as a cannabis delivery driver for folks needing their medication.

I am so grateful for my local Sunnyvale Jazzercise franchise owners, who have weathered the storm and managed to provide online classes. With help from corporate Jazzercise, they are now offering classes on Facebook Live and mastering the technology as we go. Their efforts keep our little exercise community intact while we weather the storm. Kudos!

My hope is that we learn the lessons this virus has taught us, and we incorporate those lessons as we rebuild our new normal. That will be the real test of whether humans will thrive and survive long into the future.


Cindy Castillo

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We also welcome more submissions. Think of this as an opportunity to share with other readers. Not about politics, but about how you’re getting by and how this challenging time affects you.

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Coping during COVID-19: Lessons to be learned test whether we’ll thrive