Walking is hard when your thoughts run ahead | Eva Wiseman

A long walk in nature is glorious – I just need to learn how to turn my mind off

My ambitions have wasted away like unused muscle over the past year, dwindling so now my only daily goal, occasionally achieved, is 10,000 steps. I put a lot of stock in a number said confidently. I like this one – fat and grand and to all appearances completely arbitrary; the kind of number given by a child asked how old Grandma is. How many steps a day does one need to keep healthy? “Well, it’s virtually impossible to stay fit without…” Yeah but say we can’t do proper exercise because we’re… not lazy exactly, but imagine like a very weary person made of Flump marshmallows… “Loads then. Thousands!” Ballpark figure… “TEN THOUSAND.” Fine, was that really so hard? Jesus.

So each morning I trot down to the woods, panting with purpose and high on spring. Except, for all my attempts to concentrate on the ripe glory of a magnolia tree or the smell of cut grass, my brain gets in the way, intruding on my feelings like knotweed. Will it not let me have one pure thought? I’ll show you. Let me guide you through the undergrowth of my mind; let me take you on my walk.

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Source: theguardian
Walking is hard when your thoughts run ahead | Eva Wiseman